Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) Best Practices

We do Identity Management Consulting

What is Identity Management? A client once said "Identity Management is the only compliance effort that pays you back:" by Automating creating user accounts for new employees and disabling them for departing employees, synchronizing data from HR, such as job title changes, to your directory and email systems, Role Based Access Control(RBAC) and Single Sign On (SSO). Finally it is also about securing the logon process with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

5 grade version: Human Resources collects a bunch of data about you, rather than have someone type that same data into multiple systems to give you and others user names and passwords, let's automate it, so your IT people don't get bored and can do bigger things that help the company. When you get a promotion (usually comes with a raise, but not always an office) HR enters that data, so again let's automate the grabbing of that new info and flow it into other places so that everyone can see you are now the Queen Bee or Top Dog. Along with the new title (role) you usually get more responsibilities and that may mean more permissions inside some of the computer programs or that you need to use new ones. This is called Role Based Access Control, because we control your access to various computer programs and data based on what your role is. Coming up with good passwords is hard. Memorizing them (and not writing them down) is also hard. it is also a pain to have to enter passwords over and over again when switching between programs. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the same password in all your programs and websites and didn't have to retype your password all the time? That's why we try to achieve Single Sign On (SSO).

End Result: Improved security and compliance, save money by growing without needing to grow IT at the same pace, and make life easy for the employees.

How do we do Identity Management? Identity Managed LLC implements Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager, formerly Identity Lifecycle Manager, soon to be Microsoft Identity Manager) to automate and do Role Based Access Control. In fact David Lundell, Principal Consultant, literally wrote the book on Forefront Identity Manager. We also implement Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to help with SSO, and Azure Active Directory to perform Identity Management in the cloud.